I am mother nature. You live in my world. Everything happens for a reason. It's preordaining from the stars. YOU chose YOUR draw in life this thyme. It's your FREE WILL not OURS. How your spend your energy. And our energy has all been divided not united. All these signs and you've lost your directions, where is God and what is faith all about? But these signs about God well, if you were made in her image it's your energy and all signs in the universe point to HOME.

For you morons that don't believe in Astrology Geminis are the first house, we were the first rock it up. Any who? Dr WHO It's taken me 40 earth years to wake up, like in a coma. When you are wondering about the human condition you are all on your own. That's how our lives of enlightment begin to open on their own. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD AND CONDUCT YOURSELF AS YOUR "FREE WILL" A "LOT" of YOU. WE ARE ALL THYME travelers since you are looking into MY sky at yourself.

The human condition. lettuce see about a few things and bring them together to PROTECT US. Matter is neither created nor destroyed and since I MATTER I'm the energy travelling through me protects ME in MY human condition.

I've given you tools to bring that all to your attention and had to wait until 6-6-12 to be born again. I'm a triple GEMINI born under my Goddess' sky. 6-1-1972=6. Yes I knew I was different from the moment I came out I was aware of the cancer growing next to me as I was. Human Condition.. We are all specks of dust which is why you never found us blowing in the wind. I've left you little treasures over the years to discover all on your self. When we bury our dead they come back as diamonds shining pretty in all our windows.

Lettus us talk about Dust. Clay meaning of the EARTH. Clay is pretty. pretty. pretty porcelain vase as the first thing I threw pours H2O. Clay is ancient. We started making the bowls when we noticed how the Earth comes to gather. The Clay blood is pure. That's how our Ancestors spanked me down the family line though our DNA. When they fucked they sent you on your mission in this life. Free Will. Chaos Theory. The energy only carried through women because we are all just simple gentle men.

I have yet to convince him that we are deities but every couple of centuries when the stars line up there we are. Points of conception for me for you. Thinking WAY WAY WAY outside the box. So outside I've felt my amoeba float like a boat with Meningitis. I host over 15 unknown diseases with Syringomyelia being my favorite in the way it rolls off your tongue. MRSA killed my sister in law/best friend in HIGH SCHOOL last year. I ran down the hall of the hospital in clogs with a fat pussy MRSA infection inside my belly (double dipping needles) when somebody tells me what NOT to do I DEW the DEW. My pregnancy. I've not died from all that shit, yet.

Pregnancy 2 SAVE HER.

Adam and Eve. Black and White. Ying to Yang. YES TO NO. GIRL 2 BOY.

I had so much fun making up language with Melissa. We wanted to surprise you. We wanted to make it so GIRLS RULE THE WORLD and let YOU believe THAT about penii but it all started in Russia today. It was Pangia, which are the "tribes" divided. Miru Mir. Then we split and skattered. It was something we could not teach monkeys, yet. All my split energy coming closer to me. Melissa and I made Latin. The whole way it's formed the lost core language for all the civilized apes (I've fucked a few of those too). From the way we would put thinks to gather with Sissy's calculations. How do you get a mathematician wet? Whisper sweet. no 3.14 + 8th digit.

Math. The language pre-ordained that everybody speaks 1 bite 2 bit 3bit shoe fit! Builds civilizations the other ones never met that have died and this one that THRIVES first because you know what Cocksacks did to Baby-o-lon? And on and on. Yep it was them. Roman the fucking machine my alter sexist Russian twin.

"How will you find me?"

"Look up in the sky and I'll come on by."

The ages of enlightenment that have walked by as this one strives by. But we had to be excited, have faith that things will pass through... with math we'll call

We now begin the Arachnoid Party. Arachnoidites. Arachnoid Cysts. Spiders eating the Moma into the digital age. The web that binds us together the who you glue two.

Up up up and where is she going? I'm going to the CORE of my problems to alleviate confusion. I have the bastard brain tumor. Don't worry it's "benign" and you get to walk through life in intolerable pain. Become EXTRA ORDINARY PSY CHICKENERGY. Feeling fresh dead bodies is not a favorite of mine. But it is Halloweener thyme. Feeling like braking and ankles and not really feeling the pain, the connection is lost. How 'bout a feather to the nipple. It will feel like microscopic razor blades..

There is 4.5 cm ARACHNOID CYST on my brain. That's 10% of my brain that is DISEASED I DEMAND BACK but will never get this model came off the shelf a Freak of Nature. I feel the Sub-Arachnoid Cyst always burning through me. Add more than 200% DPIs pressure to the mix and I was leaking energy always ready to EXPLODE. Didn't have muscle tissure in my calves 100 days ago. Now they are all gamy again, THANK GOODESS. THANK MOTHER EARTH. A thank goodness would be more humble way of speaking. I have been humbled by my human condition. Everyone around me has been. Especially our Messiah that made up his first fictional tale. Tell me about your worst day. Then he said he lied like that was horrible for making up fiction.

There may not be a cure for Arachnoid Cysts yet but for now we have archaic tools for the job.My Christ Duma saved me from myself and the pollution of this enviroment but we will be blessed now that we have one of our own batting for the team. Life is not fair to us but being denied medical care is a broken law of it's own. Not truely the natural order of things.

Mother is here now sharing her human condition with you. Reborn on 6-6-12 I'm about to profit from new found energy. I'm not the Holy Spirit. Yet. You can't make a baby without me!

Goddess Bless

Light and Love Forever Energy,

Catherine Elizabeth Clay